Friday, April 20, 2018

Man Rescued in Capitol Lake

Above: A man who jumped into the choppy, cold waters of Capitol Lake was rescued by Olympia firefighters on Friday afternoon.

By Janine Gates
Little Hollywood

A man who jumped into the choppy, cold waters of Capitol Lake at Heritage Park was safely rescued by Olympia firefighters and police officers on Friday afternoon.

During the tense time before an official rescue was launched, police officers patrolled the border of Capitol Lake asking bystanders to not jump in the water to save him, saying the water was cold and the man may resist being rescued. Police officers suspected that he may be mentally ill or under the influence of drugs.

Bystanders expressed concern for the man. One man approached police officers to express his opinion that all the police cars, with lights flashing, may deter the man from swimming to shore on his own.

Above: Bystanders kept an eye on the man before a rescue was launched by Olympia firefighters, who reached him by boat.

The man jumped into the lake from the north shore of Heritage Park and swam to the middle of the lake when the fire department launched a motorboat from Marathon Park.The man consistently kept his head above water. 

When the three firefighters reached the man, they flung a rope out to him. The man grabbed onto the rope and hung onto the side of the boat as it moved at low speed toward the shore.

Above: Olympia police officers were ready to assist Olympia firefighters when they came ashore with the man.

Once reaching shore, police officers were prepared with yellow emergency blankets to cover the man, who only wore a torn black t-shirt. His right eye was injured. The man was rambling as firefighters brought him out of the water. 

He was put on a gurney and transported to the hospital.

Above: Firefighters and police officers assisted in the rescue of a man at Capitol Lake on Friday afternoon.

Editor’s Note: Little Hollywood arrived on the scene shortly after the man jumped into Capitol Lake and is choosing not to publish pictures of the man because he was in crisis. Instead, the focus of this photo essay is on the efforts of Olympia firefighters and police officers who assisted in the rescue effort.