Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Janine Gates files for Olympia City Council Position 5

Above: Janine Gates is excited to file for Olympia City Council #5 as Keith Mullen, Election Specialist at the Thurston County Auditor's Office, generates the needed form.

Janine Gates filed for public office today for Olympia City Council Position 5 against incumbent Jeff Kingsbury. Gates, an Olympia resident for 26 years, is a self-employed photographer and caregiver for the elderly. She has two children, ages 19 and 14.

"I am running for public office because there is a disconnect between our current council and the community,” said Gates. “I will bridge that gap by actively encouraging public participation in the City Council’s decision-making process and welcoming citizens to work with me to reach our shared goals. Together, we can protect our quality of life by defending our neighborhoods from inappropriate development and improving city services.”

Gates has garnered endorsements from leading members of the Olympia community, including former neighborhood association president Jeff Jaksich. "Janine organized the most inclusive and successful community forum I've ever seen on the isthmus issue and downtown development,” said Jaksich. “Through her pictures, words and actions, Janine has demonstrated a serious commitment to the community."

"I am truly honored by all the support I am receiving to pull this campaign together,” said Gates. “Our community has so many smart people who want to contribute to the conversation, but feel that their concerns are being dismissed. I’m eager to work with these individuals to bring urgently needed change to the City Council, make our city government more responsive to our citizens and their needs, and address the pressing issues facing our community."

For more information about Janine Gates' campaign for city council, go to www.janinegates.com.