Monday, October 29, 2012

Didn't They Get the Press Release?

Above: Advertising works!

Didn't They Get the Press Release?

by Janine Unsoeld

Olympia light show activists struck again, broadcasting messages such as "Public Power Yes," "End Corporate Power," and "Sold To PSE," this time highlighting The Olympian building on Bethel Street, earlier this evening. No one was apparently available to comment within The Olympian offices.

Drivers seeing the messages honked their acknowledgement, passersby asked questions, and two police officers stopped by to check on the situation. The officers left within a minute of their arrival, smiling and waving to nearby photographers. 

The Olympian is owned by the McClatchy Company and has taken a position against Thurston County's Proposition 1, the same position held by Puget Sound Energy, the for-profit multi-national corporation that currently serves Thurston County.

The Thurston Public Power Initiative, a grassroots group of citizen activists, encourages citizens to vote yes on Thurston County Proposition 1 this November 6th. The initiative authorizes the Thurston County Public Utility District (PUD) to own and operate electric distribution and generation facilities.

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