Sunday, June 14, 2009

Art and Garden Party Delights SE Olympia Neighborhood

by Janine Gates

Above: The music of Barbara Collins and Jef Ramsey lure passersby into the backyard of artist Martha Chubb today.

The Bigelow Highlands neighborhood hosted a relaxing party today, with 17 homes and gardens participating in the event. The distinctive music of Barbara Collins and Jef Ramsey easily lured passersby into Martha Chubb's backyard, where she was hosting the very first show of her spectacular stained glass and tile mosaic artwork. The music, lemonade, iced-tea, and cookies encouraged people to linger over her beautiful yard and art. Chubb was busy selling some of her art while I was there, but she said her next show will be at Capitol Florist in November.

Above: Tile mosaic birdbath by Martha Chubb and up close detail.

The garden party began at the home of organic gardener Willow Oling, who designs, consults, and maintains gardens. Her business is called Gardens Over Time. A map was provided that allowed walkers to take their self-guided tour of the 17 home gardens. A delicate handwritten sign in Chubb's garden said that her garden was designed by Oling. In Oling's newsletter, she says her favorite summer shrub is Philadelphus, of the Hydrangea family. "Most of Olympia has a clay soil with some sand, which pleases Philadelphus."

The garden tour made me want to get home and start weeding!

Above: Martha Chubb's front garden.