Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Olympia Port Rail Blockade Over

 Above: The rail blockade in downtown Olympia was raided by a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement action in the early morning hours on Wednesday. Initial reports indicate that there were no arrests or injuries.

By Janine Gates
Little Hollywood

There were reportedly no arrests or injuries in an early morning multi-jurisdictional law enforcement action against activists blocking the railroad in downtown Olympia on Wednesday. 

The blockade began November 17 in response to the Port of Olympia's involvement in the acceptance of ceramic proppants and transfer of cargo to trains bound for North Dakota. Ceramic proppants are used in the process of hydraulic fracking for gas and oil extraction.

The raid was carried out by Union Pacific railroad police, Washington State Patrol, Thurston County Sheriff’s Department, and Olympia Police Department.

Above: The Thurston County Sheriff's Department assisted in breaking up the encampment on the railroad tracks and remained on site hours later. Thurston County's Tactical Response Vehicle weighs 50,000 pounds. Thurston County procured the vehicle through the nation's military surplus program. It was used in Afghanistan and has been used in Thurston County during several incidents.  

“We’re feeling very strong and satisfied,” said Shelly Robbins, a member of the jail support team for Olympia Stand. Robbins said the police didn’t set up their police line right and had a baton pressed against her back as the police moved people forward too quickly. 

There is a 5:30 p.m. meeting on Wednesday at the LOTT Cleanwater Alliance, 500 Adams St. NE, Olympia, with the City of Olympia, the Port of Olympia and the Indigenous Caucus for Olympia Stand.  

There will also be a 4:30 p.m. gathering at LOTT in support of the Indigenous Caucus before members enter the meeting.

Little Hollywood has written extensively about the Port of Olympia and this blockade. For more information and photos, go to and type key words into the search engine.