Friday, January 27, 2012

More Triage on Legion Way

Above: This tree on Legion Way is scheduled for removal.

More Triage on Legion Way

by Janine Unsoeld

An "X" marks the spot for 12 trees on Legion Way, indicating that they will be removed.

After a thorough assessment conducted by the City of Olympia's urban forester, 12 trees on Legion Way are in the process of being removed due to damage following last week's snow and ice storm. Two private tree removal companies have been contracted by the city to do the removal, now underway, said Cathie Butler, communications manager for the City of Olympia.

Broken limbs caused damage to several homes and Madison Elementary School on Legion Way. Asked about damage to the school, "a tree scraped the side of the building and broke one of the light fixtures and that was it. Overall, we fared very well - we feel very fortunate," said Ryan Betz, director of communications and community relations for the Olympia School District today.

Above: A tree on Legion Way near Madison Elementary School has been marked to indicate limb removal.

Another six trees on Legion Way, already scheduled to be removed in an earlier assessment and replaced with young trees, are not among the 12 identified this week as representing an imminent public safety hazard. Those trees are slated to be removed at a later time.

Planted on Armistice Day in 1928 as a living memorial to honor local veterans, some trees on Legion Way are now 90 feet tall. Over 30 years ago, 123 trees were topped for overhead utility lines. As a result, the trees have long been on the decline due to unnaturally shaped and weakened branches and trunks.

Above: Portions of Legion Way continues to be closed while tree work is ongoing.

Above: The tree on Legion Way that scraped Madison Elementary School has been removed.