Saturday, November 23, 2013

Coalitions Meet at the Capitol

Above: Senator Tim Sheldon (D-35th, Mason County) chats with medical marijuana activists at the State Capitol Building on Thursday. Legislators and lobbyists were in Olympia on Thursday and Friday for Committee Assembly Days.
by Janine Unsoeld
Seen Thursday at the State Capitol chatting with medical cannabis activists, Senator Tim Sheldon (D-35th) was asked today in a telephone conversation for his position on medical marijuana.
"I've been involved on the county level, and my position has evolved on the issue....We have a medical marijuana clinic in Potlatch. I was apprehensive about it at first, but it's been low-key and there haven't been any problems with it. I'm supportive of medical marijuana and don't want the implementation of I-502 to undermine its availability...." said Sheldon. Sheldon is a Mason County Commissioner and member of the Majority Coalition Caucus.
Sheldon said he told the activists on Thursday that Senator Ann Rivers (D-18th, La Center) has taken the lead on the issue for the Majority Coalition Caucus and is working on a bill to secure access for medical marijuana.
I-502 turned the distribution of recreational cannabis over to the state Liquor Control Board. There will be legislative hearings on the new regulations proposed by the state Liquor Control Board. In the second week in January, activists say they are planning a "Save Medical Cannabis" lobby day.
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