Sunday, October 5, 2014

Olympia Mural Gets A Makeover

Above: Joslyn Rose Trivett paints over graffiti on the mural she created in 2012. The mural is located between the two roundabouts on Olympic Way near downtown Olympia. The mural was tagged in mid-September.
By Janine Unsoeld

In a story first reported by Little Hollywood in 2012, Joslyn Rose Trivett transformed an ugly wall into a beautiful mural.
Today, Trivett continued her dedication to remove stubborn graffiti that appeared several weeks ago. Despite the anti-graffiti coating, the graffiti could not be removed with a chemical recommended by the manufacturer.

“It was really, really nasty stuff,” said Trivett, as she painted. “It melted our gloves. I think I’ll just skip the anti-graffiti coating. If it happens again, I'll just wash the wall and repaint it.”
Above: This graffiti is not art. It is vandalism.

As Trivett worked, drivers honked their horns in approval, and bicyclists and moped riders shouted their thanks. Using some paint leftover from the project two years ago, she spent about $50 in paint today and about six hours of time in labor.

For Trivett, helping make Olympia a beautiful place is everyone’s business.
Trivett and her family, who live in Olympia’s northwest neighborhood, has continued to maintain the mural, prune the nearby vegetation, and sweep the sidewalk. The project was originally spearheaded by Trivett and the Southwest Neighborhood Association.

Trivett says she has put out the offer for a couple of years to paint a mural on the lower section of the wall, which abuts another residence. Located in an area seen by thousands of drivers per day, it is another high-maintenance area with unsightly grime and is a frequent target for graffiti. In particular, she says she would need help maintaining the vegetation.
For now, passersby are grateful for the time and effort she’s putting into the mural to make a difference.

“Hey, it looks good!” shouted a bicyclist riding up Olympic Avenue.
For more information about the mural, go to and use the search button to type in key words. Little Hollywood posted a story, Mural Transforms Ugly Wall into a Piece of Art,” on August 12, 2012.

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